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What are R&D tax credits?

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive introduced under Tony Blair and still in place under Boris Johnson, They are designed to compensate UK companies for investing in improving the way they do business and overcome problems. 

They are an important source of funds for businesses to invest in stimulating their research and development, hiring new staff, expanding and increasing profitability. 

Innovation in Life Limited can help your company access the R&D Tax Credits they are entitled too, easily, quickly, and accurately.

If you are uncertain if your business is eligible to claim HMRC R&D tax credits, contact us today, for a no

-obligation discussion with one of our expert and friendly advisors. Tel. 0207 0528 323

We use only R&D professionals with a 100% claim success record 

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Come and meet us on the 35th floor of Tower 42 for a no-obligation free assessment of your businesses R&D. The coffee is good, the view is amazing, and the advice will be life-changing.

About us

Is your business eligible for R&D tax credits and who qualifies?

The good news is 97% of businesses are eligible.

To benefit from HMRC R&D tax incentives, you must:

  • Be a UK Limited Company that is subject to Corporation Tax
  • Have carried out qualifying research and development activities

HMRC’s Research and development (R&D) tax credits can take place in any sector. It occurs in everything from  cheese-making to chemical engineering, and construction to digital development. If you have a business employing 10 or more people you will qualify for HMRC R&D tax credits. 

Just give one of our expert advisers a call to find out 

Tel. 0207 0528 323

Innovation in Life is a principal HMRC Research & Development (R&D) tax credit claims consultancy. We help business’s claim HMRC R&D tax credits, refunds, relief and entitlements allowing innovative business’s to grow through securing these funds.

Our sole focus is specialising in HMRC R&D Tax Credits We help businesses claim You can rest assured your claim is being handled by highly-skilled, experienced specialists from the largest and most successful HMRC R&D tax credit company in the UK.

Innovation in Life has the advantage of a unique and cutting edge claims system,  ensuring that you receive claims service to our clients and partners.

the maximum entitlement while using as little of your precious time as possible. Innovation in Life’s key goals are we will deliver outstanding, unique, trouble-free claims service to our clients and partners.

We also receive many referrals as we consistently achieve exceptional returns for our clients who trust us to deliver the same high-quality award winning service to companies within their network.

Contact Innovation in Life today, for a no-obligation telephone discussion with one of our expert advisors. 

Tel. 0207 0528 323

The call will only take about 10 minutes but could be worth thousands of pounds to your business.

How to claim your HMRC R&D 

tax credit entitlement

Innovation in Life's specialist advisers 

award-winning approach to research and development (R&D) tax credit claims delivers maximum value.  Our specialists currently have claims with HMRC totaling many millions of pounds.

The five simple steps to make a claim


Step 1. A phone call

Firstly, a quick 10-minute phone 

call  Tel: 0207 0528 323 our HMRC R&D specialist adviser will be able to guide you on the entitlement of your company and whether you qualify. 

We can then make an appointment to meet. 

Step 2. Meeting

We can meet anywhere convenient, Your office, our office or somewhere in-between. At the meeting, we will discuss your HMRC R&D activity, determine the value of your claim and explain how we go about claiming your R&D tax credits. Once your completely happy the process can begin. 


Step 3. The Process

You can now sit back and relax. Once we have all the information we need our specialists compile a technical justification document your claim is now well on the way to finalisation. We then write a detailed report constructed as per HMRC's best practice and go through it with you for approval.

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Step 4. We agree the claim 

and send it off

Once we have presented and agreed on the claim, we can conduct our cost analyst which will uncover all HMRC R&D we can claim for, this will help maximise your claim.  It's given one final check by expert former HMRC R&D Tax Credit auditors once they give it the OK we can send it off. 


Step 5. You receive your money from the HMRC

It usually takes about 28 days for the HMRC to agree on the claim.

Remember you can claim every year and go back two years on your first claim. 

Call us now to get your claim started today Tel: 0207 0528 323

  Our team currently have claims with HMRC totaling 

many millions of pounds.

Case Studies 

This building services company was contracted to design and install a specialist fire alarm system within a Grade II Listed building. During the installation, a key component in the system’s design became unavailable. So they adapted the system to work with both wired and wireless components. 

Case Study 1

Building audio-visual, fire and security systems  

South East

£5m turnover

0-50 employees

£160,000 benefit

This M&E company was approached to design the coordination of HVAC systems for a sporting stadium. During the installation, it became apparent that the plans were not fit for purpose, and the business was required to also undertake planning and design of the HVAC systems and integration with electrical services, industrial kitchen equipment and Building Management Systems (BMS). 

Case Study 2

A HVAC business

South East 

£18m turnover 

0-50 employees

£350,000 benefit

This firm was appointed to install and design the external glazed façade of a prestigious university building. The architectural designs incorporated a novel fin design with thermochromic technology and a focal point consisting of a 9 meter high freestanding glazed atrium entrance.

Case Study 3

A commercial fit-out business

South East


£8m turnover

0 - 50 employees

£400,000 benefit

Get the HMRC R&D credit your company deserves to fuel its growth. R&D tax entitlement can transform your business and the people who help make it work.

Find out how Innovation in Life can help you and your clients, contact us today. 

Tel: 0207 0528 323

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